Cricket Club


Bruce has been part of the Cats for over 25 years as a player and over 10 years on the committee.  During his committee times Bruce was president for 3 Years, Secretary for 3 yrs and is currently our chairman of selectors.

As a player Bruce has played 242 games making 4,296 runs and taking 101 Wickets. Bruce also spent 5 years as the C grade captain and was just recently awarded the 25 Year Service award from A.T.C.A. 

Bruce has been a gentleman on and off the field and as all the players listed below know, it is a privilege to receive the Bruce Mayberry B grade medal as voted by you peers. 

Bruce Mayberry Medal

Bruce Mayberry Medal Past Winners

2019/20- Sachith Anjana

2018/19 Jacob Markey

2017/18- Julian Morena

2016/17 - Damian Miller

2015/16 - Julian Morena
2014/15 - Leo Panzarino
2013/14 - Leo Panzarino
2012/13 - Leo Panzarino/Craig Jervies

2011/12 - Darcy Wright

2010/11 - Leo Panzarino
2009/10 - Shaun Mathieson
2008/09 - Daniel Powell
2007/08 - David Farrell
2006/07 - David Farrell