Cricket Club


Andrew Russack played 101 games for the Cats scoring 1,801 runs and taking 18 wickets. Andrew was B grad captain for 2 years and played a crucial role on our committee for 11 years, of which 9 years as treasurer. 

Andrew was lovingly known as the Barn Owl for arriving late (apparently work commitments) to training just as it was getting dark. We believe this was training for Saturdays where he consistently batted in his sunglasses. 

Andrew Russack Medal

2017/18- Darcy Wright

2016/17- Will Raynham

2015/16 - Harry Sytnik
2014/15 - David Fox
2013/14 - David Fox
2012/13 - Darcy Wright

2011/12 - David Fox
2010/11 - Nigel Grapentin
2009/10 - Bruce Wedding
2008/09 - Mal Ayliffe
2007/08 - Jacob Leak

Andrew Russack Past Medal Winners